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Advance Reel Cleaner

MFR: Advance Commercial.

All-Purpose Restroom Cleaner

The Advance Reel Cleaner, combined with the chemical of your choice, makes touchless cleaning of restrooms, kitchens, locker rooms, stairwells and other areas effortless, improving cleanliness and productivity. It's unique reels are designed to store each of the hoses, eliminating tangle hassles and reducing storage space. In addition, the 40 foot recovery hose is a 5:1 stretch hose for maximum length with a minimum amount of hose to manage. The compact size of the Reel Cleaner allows for easy maneuverability and great sight lines for transporting. The Reel Cleaner is designed with Total CLean technology in mind. Equipped with a standard accessory kit, the Reel Cleaner has a storage place for each accessory. There are two chemical bottle wells designed to fit various shaped bottles. The motor and pump housing is a clam-shell design, which allows easy access for maintenance. Plus, a clean water sight gauge helps monitor the amount of water in the tank and enables dumping the tank without plugging in the machine. Total Clean Technology ensures that the Reel Cleaner not only provides superior cleaning results, it's also easier to clean and maintain.