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Advance Pacesetter 17HD/20HD
Whether stripping, scrubbing, screening or bonnet cleaning, the Advance Pacesetter line of floor machines has a model to fit your needs and applications
Advance Pacesetter 20SD/20TS
New to the Family of Pacesetters, the 1st is the Super-Duty 20 inch floor machine. For extreme duty, the 1.75hp, 175 rpm machine also has the triple planetary gear design for longer wear.
Advance FM810 Orbital Floor Machine
The FM810 floor machine delivers the ultimate combination of ease of use and versatility for unmatched cleaning performance in both wet and dry applications.
Advolution™ 20 and 20XP cord electric burnishers are designed to maximize performance, productivity, and operator ease. Both models feature the unique Flex Floor™ Technology, enabling the motor to pivot and hug floor contours. Advolution also utilizes a patented gas spring technology that precisely regulates the head pressure for a maximum shine on hard floor surfaces. This exclusive patent also enables the machine to be smaller and more maneuverable.
Aztec Stripping System
The Sidewinder Stripping System features the use of the Aztec Sidewinder, Liquidator and GuzzlerпїЅused together forпїЅthe fastest and most aggressive way to strip floors. It can strip up to 20,000 square feet per hour. It is the only system on the market that can be used to deep scrub floors at up to 40,000 square feet per hour.
Aztec Liquidator
The Liquidator can apply up to 50,000 square feet of solution in less than one hour. The Liquidator has a 36 gallon solution capacity, along with an adjustable applicator brush to accomodate obstacles and narrow aisles.
Aztec Guzzler
The Guzzler can retrieve spent solution at a rate faster than an automatic at a rate up to 25,000 square feet per hour.The Guzzler features a 36 gallon solution retrieval capacity, and a 30" squeegee path that doesn't create additional foaming.
Aztec UltraGrind
The Aztec UltraGrind professional concrete grinder and polisher's aggressive planetary action is ultra high speed and gear driven, and it eliminates cords and generators.
The powerful yet compact AM2400D™ air mover provides the power and versatility to quickly dry floors and circulate air. A 3-speed induction motor with thermal protection delivers up to 2,400 CFM air flow while minimizing energy usage. Four position settings provide flexibility for directing air movement while the built-in power outlet allows for daisy-chaining up to three units for maximum efficiency.
MotorScrubber Portable Cleaning Machine
Small machine - Big Power
Venom - VN1715
17", 175 rpm Floor Buffer
Venom - VN2015
20", 175 rpm Floor Buffer
Venom - VN20DS
20", 185 / 330 RPM Dual-Speed Floor Buffer
Timberline Nano
Clean small areas quickly with this NANO Orbital Floor Machine. With oscillating technology and a variety of unique pads, clean in areas traditional scrubbers can not compete. Stairwells, around toilets in Restrooms, and other typically hard to clean areas become easy to access and scrub. At 21 lbs, our NANO Scrubbers have a large amount of pressure for thorough deep-cleaning of your floor surfaces. The NANO Orbitz is available as corded AC or battery-powered 42V DC.
NACECARE DP 420 Floor Cleaner
From wall to wall and into the tightest corners, the Duplex can be used in restoration or as an integral part of your daily maintenance program. Clean virtually any floor surface as carpet, grouted ceramic, textured surfaces, rubberized floors and even escalators are no obstacle for the Duplex.
The Power Steamer is a powerful yet compact steam cleaner. An ideal machine that is mobile and requires only a rapid 3.5 minutes to start. With just a squeeze of the trigger, a consistent and powerful jet of 338 degree Fahrenheit superheated steam is available for cleaning. There is no downtime to cleaning as it features automatic boiler refilling. Steam cleaning is very effective for cleaning and sanitizing irregular surfaces or hard to reach areas.
NACECARE GVE 370 "George"
The GVE 370 (George), with its powerful 1.3 hp vacuum motor and two-year warranty, is ideal for spotting, upholstery cleaning and vehicle detailing. With 100" of water lift, 95 cfm of airflow and a 30 psi pump, George provides excellent water recovery and won’t over-wet fabrics. The 1.6 gallon recovery tank comes with a handy carrying handle for dumping.

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