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Advance ReliaVac 12/12DC/12HP/16HP
The Advance ReliaVac single motor upright vacuums are easy to maneuver, strong on power, and designed for fast, low cost serviceability.
Advance VU500
The Advance VU500 delivers exceptional cleaning performance in an easy to use, easy to maintain upright vacuum that is designed to withstand stringent environmental requirements.
Advance Spectrum 12P & 15P
Advance Spectrum single-motor upright vacuums are available with either a 12 or 15 inch cleaning path.
Advance Spectrum 15D & 18D
Advances 15 and 18 inch Spectrum dual-motor upright vacuums deliver the superior performance results expected from Advance vacuums: dirt pickup and filtration.
Advance CarpeTriever 28
Designed for large carpeted areas, the CarpeTriever 28 vacuums a 28 inch (71cm) path in one pass. The CarpeTriever maneuvers easily around obstacles.
26" Dual-Motor Wide Area Vacuum
Shovelnose - SN18WD
18-gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum with tool kit
Advance Adgility 6XP & 10XP
Comfortable and effective, the Adgility XP brings you an entirely new level in backpack vacuums.
Advance Adgility
The Advance Agility is a light-weight, comfortable solution for cleaning in obstructed spaces.
Advance VP300
The Advance VP300 is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable machine that can be counted on to do the job day in day out. It is ideal for cleaning offices, hotel rooms, retail outlets and similar light to medium duty applications
The Euroclean GD930 canister vacuum is quite simply our biggest, most powerful and best canister vacuum.
Advance VL500
The new line of Advance VL500 wet/dry vacuums is designed to accommodate virtually any cleaning requirement.
Introducing the Nilfisk VP600™: a sleeker, more beautiful commercial vacuum. Developed in partnership with a Copenhagen, Denmark design institute, the VP600 signifies the next evolution of canister vacuum design.
Ozone is the strongest oxidant commercially available and is a proven deodorizer. The OZ40K™ doesn’t just cover up foul odors; it actually destroys the molecules that cause them.
The MC1200™ features an improved dual-surface design that significantly increases your cleaning capability. Using high pressure water at 1,200 psi for hard surface cleaning of tile and grout and other hard surfaces, the MC1200 easily loosens soils and immediately vacuums them up with a powerful 3-stage vacuum.
The WP630™ from Advance is designed to be the most efficient and effective way to extract water from carpet at any water damaged facility. This new and innovative design has increased the efficiency of the airflow by top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums, thus eliminating stand-pipes and bends into the tank.

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