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Advance Spectrum 15D & 18D

MFR: Advance Commercial.

Upright Carpet Vacuum

Advances 15 and 18 inch Spectrum dual-motor upright vacuums deliver the superior performance results expected from Advance vacuums: dirt pickup and filtration. Upright vacuums rely on a combination of dirt pickup to remove soil from carpets and filtration to ensure that dust and other airborne particles stay captured. With the addition of a brush motor, the Spectrum dual-motor vacuum has a total of 1,350 watts of power. Operators now have single pass power in an upright vacuum, which results in greater productivity. According to independent testing by ISSA, dual motor vacuums generate 16% greater productivity then single motor vacuum of the same width*. The unique design of the power head creates a seal with the carpet surface to agitate and capture dirt and dust that other dual motor vacuums miss.Spectrums innovative design has earned the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Seal of Approval signifying that Spectrum meets the industrys newest dirt pickup and filtration standards for vacuum performance. These standards are more stringent than those used previously for Green Label certification. And, at a budget conscious price, it offers better performance and increased productivity at a fraction of the cost to clean.