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Advance SC500 Autoscrubbers
From hospitals and schools, to sports centers and manufacturing floors, the Advance SC500 walk-behind scrubber ushers in a new wave of productivity in the places where cleaning professionals need it most.
Advance SC250
The battery-powered Nilfisk SC250 walk-behind micro scrubber delivers fast and effective single-pass hard floor cleaning and drying for small spaces. This compact floor cleaning machine was designed for easy maneuverability in tight corners and around furniture, and the 36V lithium battery provides up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge.
​​Factory Cat GTX Rider Scrubber
The multiple "Disk" scrub decks sizes offer gimbaled brush drive and 50% more scrubbing power than competitive brands
Factory Cat XR Rider Scrubber
​The XR battery scrubber is an industrial scrubber, designed for use in warehouse or metal fabrication facilities
Factory Cat Mini-HD
The Factory Cat Mini-HD is a simple design and durable floor scrubber with tremendous value and has the lowest maintenance cost.
Factory Cat Micro-HD
The FC Micro-HD scrubber are perfect for daily floor cleaning because they have high performance motors and down pressure.
Factory Cat Mag-HD
Factory Cat's MAG-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer has a simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer.
Viper AS5160 & AS5160T Walk Behind Scrubber
Viper AS430/510
The AS430C/AS510B are simple to use medium-sized walk-behind scrubber dryers. The perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in mid-sized and heavy-traffic areas.