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Advance Adgressor 3520/3820 Autoscrubbers
The Adgressor is built to thrive in tough industrial environments. It is more productive than a walk-behind machine, and comes with a One-Touch control panel.
Advance Advenger & Advenger AXP with Evergreen Autoscrubbers
The Advance Advenger has the Evergreen control system - a green, ultralow detergent mode that is ideal for normal cleaning and can be adjusted for more aggressive cleaning on dirtier floors
Advance Advenger 2800 ST & 3400 ST Autoscrubbers
The Advance 2800 ST and 3400 ST scrubbers deliver high performance results. Manual control of the scrub deck and squeegee keep operation simple.
Advance REV SC1500 with EcoFlex System
The SC1500 is one of the most productive and versatile platforms, ideal for small to medium areas where light-medium duty cleaning is required.
Advance Adfinity 20D, X20D, X20C or X24D Autoscrubbers
The new line of Adfinity traction-drive scrubbers offers multiple versions to choose from for the scrubber size and performance you need. Scrubbing paths ranging from 20" to 24".
Advance SC750 & SC800 Autoscrubbers
Advance rugged, low-maintenance SC750 and SC800 scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI.
Advance SC750 REV
Unparalleled Performance in a 28 inch scrubber SC750 REV. The SC750 REV automatic floor scrubber from Advance is nothing like youve ever seen in a large walk-behind scrubber. In a single pass, our exclusive Random Orbital Scrubbing Technology scrubs floors deeper and more uniformly, leaving your floors with a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks.
Advance Adfinity 17ST & 20ST Autoscrubbers
The Adfinity 17ST and 20ST scrubbers give you the size, durability and performance you need, at the price you demand. They have 10.5 gallon tanks and either a 17" or 20" cleaning path
Advance SC500 Autoscrubbers
From hospitals and schools, to sports centers and manufacturing floors, the Advance SC500 walk-behind scrubber ushers in a new wave of productivity in the places where cleaning professionals need it most.
Advance SC450 Autoscrubbers
The Advance SC450 automatic scrubber provides simple, cost-effective performance for daily scrubbing needs. With reliable operation, high productivity and low maintenance all at a budget-friendly value this contractor-grade machine is designed to satisfy a wide range of applications.
Advance SC351 Scrubber Dryer
The SC350 is the first compact scrubber dryer able to clean in all directions. In fact the new deck concept enables the SC350 to scrub and dry in both directions - forward or backwards, and water is kept inside the brush deck while working
Advance SC100
Advance SC100 Upright Scrubber is a lightweight design allow you to clean very tight areas, but its superior productivity gets the job done fast, giving you more time for other tasks.
Advance SC901 Large WB Scrubber
Nilfisk Advance SC401 17B
Cleaning Efficiency in a Small Scrubber With dependable cleaning performance and an easy-to-use design
Advance AS530R Rider Scrubber
Advance SC250
The battery-powered Nilfisk SC250 walk-behind micro scrubber delivers fast and effective single-pass hard floor cleaning and drying for small spaces. This compact floor cleaning machine was designed for easy maneuverability in tight corners and around furniture, and the 36V lithium battery provides up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge.
SC6000 Scrubber
Provides unique levels of user access to produce consistent results with greater operator accountability, and lower total cost of cleaning
SC65000 Scrubber
Experience the combination of effortless control and efficient, sustainable scrubbing in one powerful, compact package: the Advance SC6500™ rider scrubber. Available with either disc or cylindrical scrubbing, the SC6500 is engineered to deliver effective, single-pass cleaning in demanding environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, athletic facilities, universities and more.
SC8000 Scrubber
The Advance SC8000™ rider scrubber is the definition of innovative and optimized design. This maneuverable front steer scrubber houses the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. This deck’s dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes are capable of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. DustGuard™ suppresses and controls dust using a “fog” at the side broom. Using Advance’s One-Touch™, the entire scrub system is activated simply by the press of a button.